Sauer & Tröger Team

Sebastian is founder & shareholder of Sauer & Tröger. He is responsible for purchasing, product development, B2B customers and materials consulting.

Sebastian Sauer Bild
Sebastian Sauer

Niclas is a shareholder of Sauer & Tröger. He is responsible for marketing & sales in the B2C sector & the development of structures & processes.

Niclas Ott Sport Bild
Niclas Ott

Hans-Guenter ships the rubbers and blades from the warehouse in Bendorf. He is responsible for the bookkeeping and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

hans-guenter sauer
Hans-Guenter Sauer
Logistics & Accounting

Daniel supports in marketing & sales and is responsible for design & website and translation.

Daniel Holl
Daniel Holl
Marketing & Sales

Sauer & Tröger history

The table-tennis brandmark Sauer&Tröger stands for products with excellent performance. We have our main focus on players playing with pimple rubbers. With our know-how we can offer the best-possible products for a more successfull game. Today Sauer&Tröger is a leading international manufacturer of products for players with pimple-rubbers or defensive/allround styles. Within a few years the brandmark is established and successfully played by thousands of players all over the world. Thousands of players around the globe appreciate the rubbers and blades. So also a big number of resellers is selling the goods all over Europe and all continents. The head office is Bendorf in south-west Germany.

Sauer&Tröger was founded by Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger, Germany`s most undisputed long-pimple-players acting close to the table. In 2007 Sebastian Sauer started hosting training camps ( for players with material all over Europe. Until today thousands of players from various backgrounds have taken part in his

In May 2008, Pascal Tröger started his career as a sales clerk at Contra Sport GmbH, one of the leading table tennis mail-order businesses in Europe. A huge part of his work involved consulting players with pimples. In this way he learned what his customers really needed. Furthermore, he gained first-hand look into the world of development process of table tennis rubbers from different suppliers.

n 2008 the ITTF banned the usage of frictionless long. It forced players to find alternatives to rubbers that they had used before – task was not as easy as it may sound. – task was not as easy as it may sound. Both of them managed to stay on top of their game, however they were not satisfied with the rubbers that were available on the market. Some time passed until Sebastian Sauer came up with an idea of independently developing and retailing a long-pimple-rubber in 2010. When he told Pascal Tröger about his plans for the venture, they had an epiphany. Combining the experience of both players and their unique set of skills would make it possible to develop an outstanding long-pimple-rubber, which would delight players even after the ban of frictionless-long-pimples.

They started quickly to look for a qualified supplier in order to help them realize this huge project. After a long journey they found a prestigious manufacturer of rubber and plastic items , who they were able to convince to get on board with their concept.

Since 2015 the sole CEO is Sebastian Sauer. 

Since October 2020 Niclas Ott is the new shareholder of the company. Niclas is a former regional league table tennis player, whose business management education is intended to further the expansion of the company, as well as the development of structures and processes. Sebastian and Niclas got to know each other through their time together as table tennis players of SV Windhagen.

In the future we will continue to do intensive research & development to provide you with products with extraordinary playing characteristics.

Greetings to all friends of table tennis and pimples
Sebastian Sauer & Niclas Ott

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Pimples Course Sebastian Sauer