Behind the scenes: Delivery Hellfire X and Unicorn

Dear pimple community,

the wait is over. The Hellfire-X as well as the Unicorn are now available and will be shipped to all pre-orderers. If you haven’t ordered yet and want to enter the ring with new material during the first training sessions, you can do so here:

Today we would like to take you behind the scenes and show you how the delivery of rubbers and blades works at the table tennis brand Sauer & Tröger.

After delivery of the materials to our warehouse in Bendorf near Koblenz, all materials were sorted again and placed in the entrance area. Over several days the obligatory quality controls by Sebastian and Marius followed. Hans-Günter already created space in the warehouse and drew up a plan where which blades and rubbers could be placed within easy reach. From his own experience a good order is immensely important here.

Hellfire X_Unicorn delivery rubbers and blades

The Hellfire X and Unicorn will be made ready for shipment.

The sorting was then done on Friday afternoon. Our goal was clear: no matter how long it would take, we would still sort the products on that day. We already saw each other at 7 pm for a delicious dinner.

Meanwhile we changed our sorting plan again and around 8 pm we realized that we would probably not be able to have dinner at 7 pm. Around 11 pm everything was sorted out properly and a farmer yoghurt replaced the big dinner.

Over the current Whitsun weekend we will now finish all international and national orders from our partner Shops to you as end customers. Your order will then be sent on its way directly on Tuesday. Since in some communities the halls are open under certain conditions, testing can already be done diligently. A detailed test video will follow from us as well.

So be curious and stay healthy!

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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