Try something new after the break? That's how you can change the game system!

Change of the table tennis game system

Is the forced break the perfect opportunity to change the game system?

Almost worldwide the small white ball rests. Some of you can shorten the waiting time a little bit with a table in the basement or in the garden (sometimes including a robot). This is not the same as playing in the hall as before…but it is something. As with many other things you sometimes only notice when something is missing.

That’s when a little pastime is really welcome. The current lockdown stimulates the creativity of some people. The social networks are currently flooded with funny and interesting table tennis videos. From creative #westayathome videos, to videos in which the table tennis ball bounces over various obstacles in the cup, to videos of players carrying the table tennis ball to fellow players around the world. We are very happy that the table tennis community is alive and active during this time. This can only be an advertisement for our sport.

We are also currently experiencing a 180 degree turn in the sale of table tennis articles. Although there are some players who use the free time to renew their rubbers or blades, this is a minority. Instead we get to know from some table tennis dealers that the demand for mini tables has increased extremely. So until we get back to the big table, we just keep fit at the little brother. It can also be fun to watch past games with great rallies on YouTube. It is a time of change. Also many table tennis players are striving for this change.

We are currently receiving a lot of requests from players from different levels who want to change their game system or even make extreme changes. There were also some requests from offensive players who would like to try out a pimple rubber after the break.

The most common reasons we receive are the following:

  1. These players want to get away from the same and often more monotonous offensive game. They want more flexibility and fun with the pimples. The break literally drives up the motivation to try something #new. We have also encouraged these players and said: If you don’t try it now, when will you?
  2. These players have stagnated for months or years. They would now like to discover the “magic” of pimples with new energy and correct their level upwards.

But how does a major system change work? We have briefly compiled some important facts for you:

  1. At the very beginning I have to ask myself the question, what goal I want to achieve with a changeover? For example: do I want to make my game a bit more offensive and do I want to become more unpredictable for my opponent? Do I want to increase my control? Do I want to try something crazy just for the fun of it, but the result is secondary? Do I want to conceal a certain weak point (e.g. receive service)? There can be many reasons to change something.
  2. If necessary, I may need adapted material for my desired change. Here I have to find something that fits my desired goals.
  3. The biggest change is in the head. We have noticed that especially at the beginning many players make the same stroke movement as before with the other rubber type. But at the same time they hope for a completely different result. But this usually works only to a limited extent. Often adapted movements (sometimes light, sometimes strong) are needed. You have to be prepared for this.
  4. It also takes some time to get used to new movements and also to new procedures of the game system. After this long forced break, some people will find it easier to get used to this than in normal operation. Familiar, old patterns are no longer quite as present.  Therefore we have to distinguish between a long pimple and a short pimple.
  5. It is usually easier to get used to the new pattern if you first practice individual new strokes in isolation. If these fit quite well, then the time has come to use them in more irregular situations. If you start directly with many new things at the same time, this usually leads to the result that nothing works properly and that nothing can be consolidated.

We hope that the tips have helped you and maybe you are motivated to try something #new. Stay healthy and let’s hope that we can return to the big table and normality as soon as possible.

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Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger Team

This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Giovanni Greco

    @Charles, @Niclas: i think a fast medium pip must have a harder sponge that most available actually for most available pips, a sponge of 45 degrees, to have speed and deception, please consider this

    1. Sauer & Tröger

      Dear Giovanni,

      Thank you very much for your feedback! We will keep this in mind in the further development of our rubbers. In general, we have found that the combination between the top of the rubber and the sponge is crucial. The Tenergy 64 from Butterfly for example has a very soft sponge, but the top rubber is very hard. However, the top rubber is not often mentioned in the product descriptions, although the effect is enormous.

      Best Regards
      Niclas from the Sauer & Tröger team

  2. Charles Fox

    Are you planning to launch a faster medium pip than Hipster which I tried but was too slow on my Black & White blade. How about the Hipster top sheet on the Hass sponge? I find medium pips are very effective for a varied pace counter attack game against both topspin and back spin. The key for me to a good medium pip is the correct balance e.g. a bit of disruption but also the ability to impart some back spin or topspin when needed.

    1. Sauer & Tröger

      Dear Charles,

      Thank you very much for your comment. At the moment we do not plan a medium pip faster than Hipster. Unfortunately… But we have noted your comment and we will discuss about your idea! These kind of comments help us tremendously to become more and more customer focused in our rubber selection! Thank you very much for your input!

      Best regards
      Niclas from the Sauer & Tröger team

  3. Martin Pickles

    I noticed on the latest ITTF equipment list of rubbers, you have added a newer version of Hellfire.
    Can you give me any details about this rubber and when will it be available to purchase?
    Many thanks

    Martin Pickles

    1. Sauer & Tröger

      Dear Martin,
      Thanks for your question! Please excuse that we did not answer your question right away but we wanted to keep it a little bit “secret”. Now our products are on the market and I hope you can find all the details online. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

      Best regards
      Niclas from the Sauer & Tröger team

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