Colorful table tennis rubbers: Which color fits to your game?

Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis new rubber color season 2021

Table tennis gets colorful

Hello dear pimples community,

today we venture the prognosis that we will soon experience a new table tennis colloquial language. New typical sayings, which only we table tennis players will understand, will come up. Friends you bring along will roll their eyes at games and think their part.

Among the archery pros you will hear after a successful competition “I had the hang of it today”. Among chess players one hears: “The whole life is like a chess game. When the game is over, king and pawn return to the same box.

How we came up with that?
The ITTF has decided that table tennis rubbers in different colors will be allowed from October 2021. For those who don’t want to get used to the idea: Do not worry! You may continue to play with the black-red combination as usual. The black rubber must be retained. Only the red rubber can be optionally replaced by another color. In addition to the classic red, a rubber can soon be green, purple, pink or blue.

Maybe the following sayings will soon be used in table tennis:

After quite risky strokes with a blue rubber (not necessarily paired with 2 beers) “It was quite blue again today…”. Or “I only do soft spinning with the pink rubber”.
Maybe “poison green” will also become the standard color for the dangerous long pimple rubbers with comments like “To puke”?
We do not know what the future will be like and what we will soon be allowed to listen to.

But what is the background story to this revolutionary decision?

Some time ago the ITTF had already decided to allow different coloured, brightly coloured rubbers. However, it had not yet been decided which ones would be. Now the cat is out of the bag and facts are on the table. With the new colors, colors were chosen that are clearly visible different from the black rubber and the white or orange ball. This is to make sure that you can still clearly see which rubber is used.

Critics see a further worsening of the table tennis sport. Proponents think it is great and see it as an image boost to make the sport more colorful and more up to date.

Now we are very interested in how you see this? Do you find this change positive or negative? And above all: which new color do you prefer? Which new combination do you want? Leave us your desired color and your desired number in the comments!
We are very happy about your feedback!

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Nekokaburi

    “which new color do you prefer? Which new combination do you want?”

    Pretty much twice the same question…


  2. Paolo Della Libera

    For me, number 3

  3. Paolo

    Personalmente preferisco il Verde


    This is a good thing! I am going to play with pink or green. The colours of the punk!

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