Practical tip: How many different serves should you know?

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With your own serve to success! But how many different serves should you really be able to serve?

Dear pimples community,

in our last blog post our practical tip on the topic “own serve with pimples” was extremely well received and we also had a lot of feedback on this topic. Therefore we have now decided to deal with another practical tip on the topic of “serve” in today’s edition of our newsletter.

Which markups should I make?

Very often in my courses I experience players who believe that they should have an almost infinite selection of good serves in their repertoire. Only then would they have a dangerous service game. If you look at some world class players, you will notice that they often only use 2-3 different serves regularly. In some cases, they are even kept quite simple (for example, simply short and without cuts). Why is this so? Don’t the pros master other and “better” serves?

To get to the bottom of this question, I have to ask myself the following question: What do I want to achieve with my serve?

If the opponent doesn’t return my serves at all or returns them very poorly, I am happy to add 15 different serve variations regularly. However, if my opponent has no problems with my serves, then the situation is fundamentally different. If I choose a different serve on every rally, then completely new game situations arise again and again.

Conversely, if I limit myself to 2-3 different serves, this usually results in very similar rallies that I have already played frequently and which I automatically play better afterwards.

When choosing my own serve, I should also keep in mind how I want to continue or what kind of setback I would like to receive. For example, if I want the ball to come back with a bounce, I should tend to play a serve with an undercut or a side undercut. Also, I should not play a long serve if I want the ball to come back with a bounce.

Explicit note: of course, especially in tight playing situations, it is advisable to add a surprising variation as an option. The given hints refer to the serves that are played regularly and mainly.

We hope and think that today we could give you again an interesting view and inspiration for your game.
But how many serves do you actually have in your repertoire and how many do you actually use in your game to score points?
Leave us a comment below!

Best regards

Sebastian from the Sauer & Tröger Team

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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