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At the end of 2018, German pimples expert Sebastian Sauer had to answer the many questions. My table tennis invited him to his home in Cologne to clarify the question: “Do pimples break our sport?.”
The occasion was the comment of a My Table Tennis user who took the view that pimples destroyed the table tennis game and forces the opponent to make simple and frustrating mistakes.

What does Sebastian have to say about this? Check it out now and form your opinion on the Pimples debate.

At Sauer & Tröger, we continue to believe that pimples make table tennis unique and differentiate it from everything else. Pimples are a change for players, coaches and fans. It is the playful and mental challenge to assert yourself against another game system. Table tennis is one of the few sports that the brain demands and promotes every turn. This is precisely why table tennis is described as a highly demanding sport for body and head.

And one more thing: Who doesn’t like watching defensive players? When we were guests at the 2019 German Table Tennis Championships in Wetzlar, we watched the match between Patrick Franziska and Ruwen Filus. It’s not just us. The whole hall has looked at this game and been involved in feding. Long ball changes, a lot of movement and just a healthy change.
Entertainment, that’s what people want to see. This allows us to increase the attractiveness of table tennis in Germany, Europe and the world. Therefore, we would like to inspire more people for the Long pimples, the Short pimples or the anti-top. Different opinions are allowed just as much as different game systems. We are excited for your opinion!

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Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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