The best exercises to start the season

Table tennis exercise Example table tennis table

Practical exercises for pimple players

Especially after a longer break, it is important for you to “get back in” and develop a good feeling for the ball. You should therefore start with regular exercises and ball paths. Many repetitions will help you to consolidate your movements and make you feel comfortable with the plate.

Playing a few rallies increases your basic safety and self-confidence. You will sooner get into a “positive vicious circle”, which many also call “flow”. Your head signals to you “This is going to be just like before the break.” Or: “I hardly noticed the pause playfully and physically.

The experienced player knows that appearances can sometimes be deceptive here and that this does not mean that you can put this horsepower on the road in a game situation. We call this the “dangerous optimism”. The first training session usually goes so well because the expectations are so low. We have made this clear with a picture:

Table tennis Personal performance level

The course can be individual for everyone. One person finds back to his level before the break faster, the other slower. We have found that most players need about 5-7 training sessions to get back to their level before the break.

But back to the exercises:

If you play a regular practice, you have a much higher training effect. The regularity of an exercise gives you direct feedback on whether a change is positive or negative and allows you to correct more quickly. Maybe even the current time, when many clubs only come to the hall with structured schedules, is a good time to start with structured training. Therefore we would like to show you these exercises as an example:

For the table-close long pimple player/antitop player:

You play each ball to your partner with the backhand into his backhand.
Your partner alternately plays a ball into his backhand and a ball into the middle area of the table (even if only slightly lifted in)
This way you strengthen your backhand game from the movement. You are free to choose the technique you want to play the exercise with. A combination is also possible. Different techniques can be, for example:

-Play the ball only safely
-Push the ball forward
-Side wiper

If it goes very well and you manage a lot of reps, then you can also go one step further and after the third or fourth round you can choose a ball to attack with the forehand side and play it to win points.

For the short pimple player:

…you play each ball to your partner on his backhand side. Your partner alternately plays a ball into your backhand side and a ball into your forehand side Since you then play forehand parallel, you should open and adjust your leg position a little bit.

For advanced players:

Your partner plays a ball into your backhand, then one into the middle of the table, then again a ball into your backhand and then one into your forehand. You continue to play each ball into your partner’s backhand.

For the long pimple player who is far away from the table:

…your partner will play each ball into the side you wish to defend with. For most players this is the backhand side. Your partner takes turns attacking one ball and puts the other one down This allows you to alternate between defending on offensive shots and reacting to balls that are only put down This situation is very close to the game and occurs very often.

We would be happy to give you these suggestions for your training. Hopefully many of you will make something out of them. Do you already have your own exercises that you like to play before the season? If so, please write them in the comments. We are looking forward to it!

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team


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  1. Ragaleux

    Dear Sebastian I have just bought the hellfire X. Do you have next session in august ?
    Kind regards
    Thierry Ragaleux

    1. Sauer & Tröger

      Dear Thierry,
      thank you very much for your comment! We wish you a lot of fun and success with the new Hellfire X!
      From todays point of view, the pimples course in Strullendorf end of August will take place. But we can not confirm that for 100% because of fast and unpredictable changes in many areas.
      I hope that this answer has helped you!

      If you have any further questions, please let us know. We always try to answer them in the best manner.

      Best regards
      Niclas from the Sauer & Tröger team.

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