Matthias Falck: With short pimples to the World Cup final 19'


Historical: Matthias Falck made it to the 2019 World Cup final with his short pimples on the forehand! Source:

It was a surprise at this year’s World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, Hungary. From 21.-28.04.19 the best players of the planet fought for the crown in the table tennis scene. The 27 year old Swede Matthias Falck made it to the final, which he finally lost against “the Dragon”, defending champion Ma Long from China with 1:4.
Nevertheless, the Swede has left his mark in his home country and with all table tennis enthusiasts, because: Matthias Falck plays on the forehand a short pimple from the Japanese supplier Yasaka, the Rakza PO.
This makes him the first European to make it to the World Cup final with a short pimple. We congratulate him very much!


The Short Pimple by Matthias Falk: The Yasaka Rakza PO Source:

At the age of 14, his former coach advised him to stick a short pimple on the forehand, as he had no spin in the forehand topspin. 13 years later the Swede writes sports history.
Matthias Falck proved by his success that the game with short pimples is successful. In addition, his way of playing enriches the table tennis game, as it is not 0815. This also electrified the spectators in the Hungexpo hall in the east of Budapest.
Our thesis is: “Pimples will gradually become a trend in table tennis over the next few years, as society in general develops in such a way that classic, dusty and old-fashioned things go out of fashion and new, different things will inspire society in the long term. Pimples will therefore no longer be associated with old clichés or prejudices, but they will open up new, creative and alternative game systems that will be good for the future development of table tennis.

The number of members in Germany and around the world has been stagnating for years.
A new enthusiasm could therefore only do our beloved sport good!

What do you think? Share your opinion with the pimples world now!

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