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Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Long Pimples Racing Hockenheimring

Table tennis meets racing

This weekend, as a table tennis brand, we were able to get to know the meaning of “rubber” in a completely different way. This time not in the form of a nub on the table tennis bat, but in the form of slicks on the Mercedes AMG GT3 from Winward Racing. Sauer & Tröger was a guest at the Fanatec GT World Challenge at the Hockenheimring.

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Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Long Pimples Short Pimples Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and the view of an eventful table tennis year 2021

For table tennis players, coaches, officials, brands, shops and our beloved sport in general, 2021 was definitely not an easy year. Nevertheless, there were also rays of hope from time to time. We would therefore like to review the year with you. What happened to us? We wish a lot of fun to read the article and a Merry Christmas to all pimples players of the worldwide Sauer & Tröger family!

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Sauer & Tröger_Bruno Banani_Die Pimples-Underpants Cooperation for table tennis players

The world’s #1 pimples underwear in table tennis

This is what the table tennis pimples brand Sauer & Tröger stands for: To make things different, cool and innovative.
We therefore proudly present you the world’s #1 pimples underwear in cooperation with the design company Bruno Banani. The stylish men’s underwear are available in different colours and sizes in the Sauer & Tröger online shop and soon in the Bruno Banani outlets. Table tennis and pimples players can rejoice!

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Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Long Pimples Short Pimples Anti Top Chat Table Tennis Player

What do pimples players think before the table tennis season 2021/2022?

One pimples player like that, the other like that. We are currently experiencing an unprecedented parallel world of table tennis. Many pimples players are hot for the new season, have been training for months and can hardly wait for it to start again. Other pimples players, on the other hand, do not even get the racket out of the cellar. We want to get a broad picture of the mood.

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Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Streetwear Collection for pimples players #Playdifferent

Now NEW: Sauer & Tröger Streetwear Collection #Playdifferent

Our new streetwear collections #PLAYDIFFERENT now finally offers you the opportunity to carry your passion for table tennis sports and for the love of the pimples to the outside world. The cool, minimalist style of the T-shirt, zipper or sweater makes a real difference on the way to the table tennis game, on the trip with the team or even in your free time!

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Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis The magazine German Table Tennis Federation Pimples players

How pimples players enrich table tennis training

New guest article by pimples expert Sebastian Sauer in the newspaper: Table tennis – the magazine. On behalf of the Association of German Table Tennis Trainers, Sebastian explains how pimples can enrich the training. Readable for any trainer and coach who wants to train his players in the best possible way.

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Table tennis long pimple Hellfire X Red test Japan WRM TV

What we can learn from the table tennis community in Japan

Table tennis in Japan is growing continuously. Table tennis is becoming more and more popular especially with the young target group. Why? – New formats, videos that attract attention, professional expertise presented in a cool and modern way. This inspires the table tennis players of tomorrow.

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Table Tennis pimples technique SpinCollege Sauer Troeger Block Attack

3 Pimples techniques you should now!

The following 3 table tennis pimple techniques are very helpful for every pimple player who wants to make his own game more variable. The opponent can’t adjust to a stroke so easily and will be driven to despair!

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Table tennis pimples Interview Sebastian Sauer and Simon Moschall

Pimples chat

Sebastian was a guest of Simon Moschall at the table tennis SpinCollege in Hamburg a few weeks ago. Together they exchanged intensively about the topic of pimples. Interesting facts, new insights and some funny moments were there!

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HELLFIRE X - Table tennis long pimple test

Test video for the HELLFIRE X

You have wished for it – we will gladly comply with your wish. Sebastian Sauer is testing the new long pimple Hellfire X on the allround blade Unicorn for you. In the video we show you different, practical shots! Watch it now!

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Table tennis exercise Example table tennis table

The best exercises to start the season

Regular and continuous training is especially important at the start of the season. We have put together the best exercises for players with long pimples, short pimples and anti-top at the table and behind the table.

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Training start table tennis

How to achieve an optimal start to training

In Germany and in the rest of the world it is slowly going back to the table tennis tables. We will give you the most important tips for the start after a long table tennis break. Even if the motivation is high: Sometimes less is also more…

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Schutzkonzept des DTTB Tischtennis

Restart: Back to the table tennis table?

Do your nails itch, too? The opening of the hall by the federal states and the hygiene concept of the DTTB should soon make it possible for table tennis players in Germany to stand at the table again. But a few questions remain open.

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Pimples - FAQ

We are frequently asked the following questions

The correct pimples depend on your playing style. Ask yourself first: Why do you play pimples or why would you like to play pimples? Each pimple, short or long, has individual strengths and weaknesses. The short pimple, for example, doesn’t create a big disturbing effect and you don’t get as much spin into the ball as with a long pimple. However, you can attack with the short pimple and be more flexible in the structure of the game. Clear first of all your goal that you want to pursue with pimples and then inform yourself under point 3 about the different ways of playing.

You can find the right blade by testing it. The blade is the extended arm of your body and transports the feel from the upper arm via the hand to the club face. Many pimple players underestimate the importance of the wood and prefer to change their rubbers because it is easier and faster. We recommend: Take your time to choose the right blade. Choose the right grip for your hand size. If you knock against the naked wood and you hear a bright sound, you know that you are playing a fast one. If the sound is darker, it is a sign of a slow wood. Pay attention to the different types of wood that have been used. Each type of wood, e.g. balsa, has special playing characteristics. Choose the right plastic layers such as carbon. This will make your wood stiffer, the vibration to the outside will decrease and your wood will automatically become faster. All properties determine the weight of the blade. In the end it is testing, testing, testing to find your individual blade.

  1. The 3 types of rubbers depend on the type of play. Long pimples without sponge (OX) are used for playing close to the table. The topspins of the opponent are truncated in the rising phase and converted to undercut. The speed is taken out of the ball. Long pimples with sponge (0.3 mm -1-5 mm) are used for the classic defensive game behind the table. Short pimples (1.5 mm – 2.1 mm) are used for attacking. You can shoot or spin your opponent’s topspins or cut balls. You can also block topspins slowly so that they come up shorter than blocks with offensive rubbers. With short pimples it is also possible to defend from behind the table. So you have a lot of options. Anti-Tops are very smooth rubbers that cannot produce their own cut. The opponent’s cut is simply transformed by the Anti-Top. Anti-Tops are therefore different from long and short pimples and can confuse the opponent.

You can choose between a sponge thickness of OX (no sponge) up to 2.1+ mm for studded surfaces. The thicker the sponge, the faster your surface will be. OX sponges are suitable for long pimples at the table, because they take the speed out of the ball. For defending players behind the table, a long pimples should not be more than 1.5 mm thick, otherwise it is difficult to control. Short pimples usually have a sponge thickness of 1.5 mm – 2.1 mm. Due to the thicker sponge, short pimples are mostly used for attack, but also for defence. The short pimple is very variable and dominates every blow.

Yes for a short time already. We got the feedback from many pimple players that they had very fast successes and were able to increase their TTR value quickly. We wanted to know it exactly and made an evaluation: 20 pimples players from a lower league up to the district league could improve themselves over half a year around 21-112 points. That is the madness and surprised also us. With increasing level, we would estimate starting from 2. federation league, it becomes however more difficult with pimples to come further upward. This is also reflected in the low number of players in the high classes. For the circle class up to the district league the pimples can be a very good possibility to increase its TTR value fast. Because many table tennis players have a hard time against pimples. However also applies here: Training, training, training. You don’t get success as a gift.