Practical tip: Own service with pimples

Practice Tip Table Tennis Tactics Long and fast serve with the Long pimple

The version "Long roll service with pimples"

Dear pimples community,

maybe you’re asking yourselves at the title now: “Make a serve with pimples? Does that even make sense to me?”
If you play with pimples on both sides, then clearly yes, because you have no other choice. 🙂 But if you play with pimples on one side only, you can at least think about it. Today we would like to show you the possible options:

With pimples you will get much less rotation in your serve than with a pimpled inner rubber. A few Asian pimples players can achieve incredibly dangerous serves with short pimples as well. However, this art is only available to very few players. Therefore, when you serve your own serve with short pimples, the ball has a similar flight curve as with inverted rubbers, but not as much cut into the ball.

With long pimples you will hardly get any rotation in your serve, but there are variations that can cause a lot of problems for many opponents.

I, Sebastian from the Sauer & Tröger team, do not use my own serve with long pimples, but I know many players who use the following variants successfully:

Variation 1 – The fake undercut serve

You make a short or half-long serve where you fake undercut. In reality, however, there is hardly any rotation in the ball and your opponent likes to put the ball too high. The fake cut serve is most effective if you only use it once in a while The serve variant thrives on the surprise effect and not on the fact that your serve is of high quality. Your opponent’s brain will be confused for a short moment, because it is used to the fact that a normal cut movement on a serve from the top to the bottom is also cut in the ball. However, due to the long pimples, this is not the case and we as pimples players can gain an advantage from this.

Note: If your opponent has seen through your serve, we recommend that you don’t serve again. Most of the time, your opponent will follow with an aggressive attack ball when he realizes that there is not so much cut in the ball.

Variation 2 – The long rolling serve

Long pimples are much more often used to play a long and fast serve. There are always opponents who, even with continuous playing time, do not really know how they should take up this serve in the best possible way. Many setbacks end up in the net and cursing takes its course. However, if your opponent has no problems with such a serve, you will quickly notice this on the count board. 🙂
Important: Your serve becomes more dangerous the longer it is on the other side. This can be done much better if your serve comes on your own half of the table at the very beginning of the table (see picture).

Have fun with this suggestion. In the coming weeks, there may be more pimples serves in some halls. Especially at 10:10 in the fifth set, when the opponent literally has an “iron”, the serve can decide between victory and defeat.

Do you already use one of the pimples serves successfully or do you now plan to try them out? Leave us a message in the comments!

Best regards

Sebastian from the Sauer & Tröger Team

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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  1. Paolo Della Libera

    Ciao, io uso molto variare i servizi tra liscia e puntinata “simulando” il movimento della liscia. Confermo che il servizio lungo eseguito come in foto è forse uno dei più fastidiosi per gli avversari, soprattutto se prima di effettuare il servizio si osserva la posizione dell’avversario e si mira al gomito togliendogli il tempo di decidere se colpire di dritto o rovescio.

  2. Barry Taylor

    Hi Sauer and Troger team.
    I use both these serves successfully dependant on the opponent. Another good serve is the tomahawk serve that can also get you a cheap point or two. Especially if you serve with the reverse rubber before the pimpled rubber.

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