NEW: Streetwear for table tennis pimples players

Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Streetwear Collection for pimples players #Playdifferent

Dear Sauer & Tröger Family,

We are very pleased that we can present our own streetwear collection to you in cooperation with our partner Ping Pong People. The #PLAYDIFFERENT collection consists of a T-shirt (for men and women), a hooded zipper (unisex) and a hooded sweater (unisex). 
We have been thinking internally as a team for a long time whether we should not launch a leisure collection for you.
But now we are very happy to have found a trusted partner with Ole and the team of Ping Pong People.

The collection fits perfectly with our corporate philosophy: to make “The pimple” a cool trend. We would like to give our worldwide Sauer & Tröger family as well as all other pimples and table tennis players the opportunity to finally carry their love of sport to the outside world. And this is fresh, modern and trendy.

As is so often the case, we want to show that we like to break new ground, make things more modern and are always good for a surprise. Because table tennis thrives on innovation, fun and passion. We are all representatives of our sport.
One or the other football colleague will certainly come with one or the other envious look when you wear the collection in your free time. We are convinced of this.
Whether on the way to training or the championship game, going to the city for shopping or on the home sofa, the #PLAYDIFFERENT collection is versatile in both summer and winter and ensures the sporty coolness factor. 

In close cooperation with Ole, we have paid particular attention to the minimalist design as well as the high quality and sustainability of the products.   In a local embroidery near Hamburg, all products are embroidered with love and shipped from there. The entire processing from the order to the delivery is handled by Ping Pong People.

Here you will find the link to the products as well as all the background to our partnership with Ping Pong People:

Our cooperation with Ping Pong People

Sauer & Tröger Ping Pong People Table Tennis Cooperation Streetwear
  • Ole and the Ping Pong People team have made it their mission to carry table tennis with sustainable products to the outside world.
  • Stylish and high quality streetwear for table tennis players, which can be worn perfectly in everyday life.
  • We thought the idea of the streetwear collection was great from the beginning and we are very happy to give the table tennis pimples players a chance to bring their love of sport and the pimple to the public. 

How does the order work?

  1. You order your T-shirt, zipper or hoodie on
  2. Your chosen product will be embroidered with love for you in a local embroidery near Hamburg.
  3. Your chosen product will be sent to you by climate-neutral shipping.
  4. For each order, 1 Euro goes to Ping Pong Parkinson e.V. With your purchase, you also support charitable projects.

Finally, we would like to respond to a message we received from Willi, a regular participant of our pimples course from TSV Berching: The mother of a player of the club is suddenly suffering from leukemia and is urgently looking for a bone marrow donor.

We would therefore like to use our reach and share the link with you:

Stay healthy!

Your Sauer & Tröger Team

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