What we can learn from the table tennis community in Japan

Table tennis long pimple Hellfire X Red test Japan WRM TV

Actually a quite normal picture for table tennis players in Japan: The table tennis YouTube channel of WRM TV

Dear pimples community,

did the title picture also frighten you a bit in the first moment or at least cause some confusion? 😀 The man in the picture is not dangerous (at least we think so). He is a protagonist of WRM-TV, the biggest table tennis YouTube channel in Japan and the biggest YouTube channel in the world for ambitious club players.

Probably the first motto for the choice of the outfit was “attract attention”…

At this point we would like to show what we can learn from the practical example from Japan. In today’s world, it’s all about standing out and doing something different than other competitors and other sports. Differentiation is the motto. While the numbers of table tennis players in Germany and Europe are stagnating or falling (see: https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/215957/umfrage/mitgliederzahl-des-deutschen-tischtennis-bundes/ ) the number of table tennis fans in Asia is growing steadily.

This is also due to a cliché:

Table tennis in this country is often associated with a boring jingling in a dark hall at a 30-year-old table. But table tennis is so much more! WRM has now created a YouTube channel, which 167,000 enthusiastic table tennis players in Asia follow almost daily. This is the first time you can see what is possible! You also have a premium community that includes more than 1000 members. Novel test videos, spontaneous live streams and also humorous content – that’s what catches the eye and gives a sport an image! A lot of people are interested in this and so especially young players can be inspired for table tennis.

How did we come up with that? During their test we received a big ennoblement and they called our new long pimple “Hellfire X” the biggest shock of the last 10 years on the pimple market. We are rightly proud of that.

You are welcome to watch the test video in Japanese language yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF5Mqx2v0zk&t=50s
Even if you don’t understand everything, you can get some impressions about table tennis in Japan. One thing is for sure: The community loves the Hellfire X and it is sold out there regularly.

We also have very positive examples from Europe: Channels like Pongfinity (1.94 million subscribers on YouTube) or Table Tennis Daily (209,000) do a great job, but with e.g. table tennis trick shots they are much more for the general public than for the ambitious table tennis player.

Such channels are needed. To publish content on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.; that’s the key to “getting noticed”. However, besides lurid content, real technical content is more in demand than ever.

Therefore we are also happy every time other brands create posts for pure offensive players like Butterfly, Donic, Andro, Joola or Stiga, shoot videos or generally publish content about table tennis. Because we are all in the same boat and want to promote the sport of table tennis. That inspires table tennis players. Not 6-10 new rubbers, which are thrown on the market without concept per year.

We would be also pleased, if other pimple brands would become still more active in the social media. Our overall aim is to bring table tennis and the game with pimples in its entirety to the forefront and to increase the pimples community worldwide and to generate enthusiasm for the game with pimples. That helps us all. In this mission we don’t think in terms of competition, but rather in terms of working together.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the blog post with us in the comments or via e-mail.

Best regards

Your Sauer & Tröger Team

Kind regards from the Sauer & Tröger Team

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