The world's #1 pimples underwear in table tennis

Sauer & Tröger_Bruno Banani_Die Pimples-Underpants Cooperation for table tennis players

Dear friends of the pimple,

the very satisfied and confident team of Sauer & Tröger brings you back to the table tennis hall with this post. Regardless of whether you are sitting in the office, on the couch or elsewhere and reading this text here.

In our previous newsletter, we ventured a cautiously optimistic outlook for the 2021/2022 season.

This has now pivoted from cautiously optimistic to extremely optimistic. Almost everywhere the season has begun. You meet again and have fun at the more sociable get-together. From conversations with many officials, it seems to stay that way at the moment. It’s fun and it can go on like this!

With these great views behind us, we have become creative again. The most important utensil for your series game 2021/2022 comes from us. So that you also make a good figure in the changing room or when lifting the ball with slipping pants, we have the following delicacy for you:

Together with the cult brand Bruno Banani, we have developed the pimples underwear. We are proud of this cool cooperation and, as in the past season, we have provided the highlight of the year outside the green (or blue) table with the pimples rap.

What most of you probably didn’t know:

Jose Borge, the managing director of Bruno Banani, is a table tennis pimples player and at the same time a very creative mind. At the thought of the pimples underwear, he was immediately thrilled.

The super high quality and chic pieces come in 4 different versions. Chicer in black look or more offensive in red.

Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Pimples Underpants The Fantastic 4 Bruno Banani (1)

In addition, the premiere: underwear models meet table tennis. On the beach of Sylt, they show how you can have fun playing table tennis with your trousers outside the hall.

The only question left is which of the 4 color versions you should order. We think that with our bundle you should get all 4 of this limited edition. And if you don’t use them all yourself, there’s hardly a better gift for your teammates 😀

How do you find the pimples underwear? Let us know what you think in the comments!

And for those who want to have the pimples underwear at home soon, click on the following link:

Your Sauer & Tröger Team

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