Balanced short pimple play with control and disturbance


1. Pimples structure:
The closely spaced pimples make the Zargus look very secure. Even if you are not perfectly in line with the ball, the Zargus makes up for it. When you stroke over the rubber, you will notice that the pimples are rather stiff compared to the Sauer & Tröger Short Pimple Hass. Any kind of cut will be removed from the ball and you will experience maximum control

2. Pimples width:
The special thing about the Zargus is its pimples width. The pimples neck is wider than the pimples head. This makes the pimples look like a cut-off cone. In addition, the diameter is larger compared to the Hass. These characteristics mean that the speed is taken out of the ball even in fast topspins and very sensitive blocks can be played.

Playing style:
In defensive play the short pimple is an absolute power. Whether on topspins with a lot of rotation or on fast shots, the Zargus guarantees maximum control and has a high potential for disruption. The special pimples structure contributes to this. The non-slip surface develops a lot of rotation for a short pimple, both on undercut and topspin.
The strength of the rubber is the disruptive effect. Due to the special arrangement and width of the pimples, the Zargus leaves the opponent uncertain about spin and speed. Only at the last moment it becomes clear where the ball is going and how much rotation the ball has. But by then it is too late for your opponent.
Use this unique advantage!
Its wide short pimples ensure a constant balance when alternating between active and passive shots. It will be easy for you to place the ball precisely

Sebastian’s tip:
The Zargus is perfect for the flexible short pimples player who wants to set disturbing pinpricks from excellent control.

Very controlled short pimple that offers a very good balance between speed and disturbing effect.

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