Table Tennis Long Pimple Hellfire X

Venture into the game’s new galaxy with Long Pimples!

Innovation & Future:

After the “Hellfire” is one of the world’s leading long-pimple rubbers, the Hellfire X is now about to enter a new, expansive dimension. The test phase with a total duration of over 3 years has been incredibly long and intensive. However, from the very beginning there was only one goal for us: the best long group of the near future. The Hellfire X has been developed together with highly qualified Pimples players under the direction of Sebastian Sauer. This made it possible to create a long nub with the highest quality, especially according to the wishes of the players. The Hellfire X conveys a unique feel that is precisely matched to the plastic ball. The perfect balance of speed, control, interference effect and cutting development is the heart of the long stud. The ideal combination of the individual game characteristics makes it possible to play table tennis on a new level. Discover the supernatural powers of the Hellfire X now.


1. Pimples structure:
The Pimples of the Hellfire-X have a high aspect ratio and are far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for buckling the Pimples heads. The Pimples necks are smooth, the heads slightly roughened. Defensive balls behind the table also create a lot of cut, so that the opponent is forced to scoop on the 2nd or 3rd ball. When the ball arrives, the Pimples give way and slow down the ball. The ball gets caught in the Pimples surface and is forwarded with a good portion of cut.

2. Pimples width:
The wider Pimples heads with the slightly roughened surface are a trademark of the Hellfire-X. If you hit the ball well, then the opponent will be faced with big problems.

3. Pimples hardnessWith
slight pressure exerted, the Pimples heads give a rather hard appearance. At higher pressure, however, they give way and cause a gentler, softer playing feeling. This is especially crucial when forwarding cuts to hard-hitting attacking balls. This feature of the Hellfire-X is an absolute guarantee of success. In offensive play, a short tap of the ball is enough to generate powerful attacking balls. This allows you difficult to predict options for action for the opponent.

Sebastian’s tip:

The OX version (without sponge) differs significantly in its playing characteristics from the options with sponge. Your game at the table will reach the next level.


The Hellfire X is “THE NOPPE” for all Pimples players who want to get the MAXIMUM out of their game system.


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  1. Dubravko Čop

    The rubber gives a perfect feel for the ball, and when the opponent looks at it, I see fear in his eyes.

  2. Marius Dragomir

    Hellfire X in OX. By far the best LP rubber I have played with ever! Highest control possible with LP. Excellent spin reversal, huge amount of disruption. I play at the table, blade ALL+. I can easily atack with it (of course, you have to wait for the right occasion – low spin strikes from your opponent), and the first thing you notice is that the opponent has huge problems returning the ball, many times the ball comes back in the net. Excellent at chop blocks, even passive blocks. You can return high spin serves very easy with strawberry strikes, underspins (small amount) that troubles the opponent, even pushes. If you are able to twiddle you can hit superb flat shots on forehand. When you hit the ball with underspin, after you practice a while, the strike will fly flat, otherwise it will fly in that ”grass” strange way with high sinuous trajectory. Now I understand why the guy on your site says ”Shhh! We are writing history.”

  3. Alex

    Очень хороший шип для игры у стола. Особенно версия без губки. После старой версии hellfire пришлось привыкать. Но потом все отлично.

  4. Roland Pezzi

    I’ve got problems of control with this lp, but the trouble is high

  5. Yurii

    beautiful pimples! my game – happy now!

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